cb PRINT EBH-469





New Girl Co – Star Elizabeth Meriwether Pics
Jane the Virgin Co – Star Poppy Prods
Faking It Co – Star MTV
Feature Films
Under the Silver Lake (dr: David hiRobert Mitchell) Supporting Michael De Luca Prods
Sandy Wexler (dr: Steven Brill) Supporting Happy Madison Prods
Mirror Image (pre-production) Lead TBA
Short Films
Gwain and Ragnelle Lead Hauser Prods
Antlo Lead U of I SVP
The Old Master Painter Lead Source Film Prods
*Conflicts available upon request
Music Videos
Erosion Lead Thisisyates
Gum Lead Kamell Allaway
Silk Duck // Purple Lead Thisisyates
Food Lead JEE – Whiz Prods
Preface to Being Jaded



Co – Star Blackout Makeout
My Sister+ Matilde Odyssey Theatre
Out of Bounds+ Kailey Lied Center/WKG Theatre
In the Night+ (dir. Martha Clarke) Ensemble IA Partnership in the Arts
Training, Special Skills, & Awards                                                                                           +Original Cast
B.A Theatre Arts, University of Iowa

UCB Improv / French Proficient / Moderate Singing / Puppetry

Dance- moderate ballet, moderate jazz, moderate hip hop, moderate hula


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