An interview about me with me, myself, and I:

-productionQ: Who are you?
A: You don’t know my name?
Q: I mean, I do… but they don’t know it, so you should probably say who you are…
A: Hmm, that makes sense. Okay! My name is Emily Hinkler and I’m from the suburbs of Chicago. I have an identical twin sister named Elizabeth-
Q: How do I know you are not her right now?
A: Uh because this is an interview with myself and I know who I am.
Q: Are you sure you’re not just trying to trick me?
A: Yes… Anyway, Elizabeth and I look super similar and that confuses pretty much everyone- so that’s why I am interviewing myself so the people reading this will get to know more about me. So! I have been playing pretend ever since I was little and I never grew out of it. My favorite part to play when I was seven was Swan Princess and my first role ever was baby Jesus (I was basically born to do this.)
Q: Why do you still like playing pretend/acting?
A:  I love the magic of storytelling and how it connects people from every walk of life.
Q: Wow. That is inspiring.
A: Thanks, I tried.
Q: What are some of the highlights to your acting career?
A: My most recent projects have been a blast! I’m in pre-production for Joel Egerton’s film Boy Erasedjust shot an episode on You’re the Worst and One Day at a Time, am waiting the release of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s new show Future Man, Tyler Perry’s Boo 2: A Madea Halloween, and you can see Elizabeth and I in Adam Sandler’s newest film Sandy Wexler. As for our two woman play My Sister, we had a three month run at the Odyssey Theatre which was nominated for a Stage Raw award for best two person play.
Q: What do you like to do when you are not acting or interviewing yourself?
A: I love to eat chocolate (specifically fudge!) and play with my tortoise, Clover. I sing in the shower pretty much every day, do crafts whenever I can, am a seamstress, an upholsterer, enjoy writing, and coming up with epic dance moves with Elizabeth.
Q: Speaking of Elizabeth, I know you said that you are Emily- but how can the readers and I tell you apart from your sister?
A: I am right handed, so if you wave at me then I will wave back with my right hand. Emily right, Elizabeth left (e-RIGHT-ily, and e-LEFT-abeth some people invented.) I also part my hair on the right side just in case you are too shy to wave at me.
Q: I think I only have time for one more question… let’s make it a deep one: what do you want to do with your life?
A: Continue to have fun and surprise myself.
Q: That’s not very deep.
A: But it’s true… okay, I am ending this interview now.


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