Hey there, so I’m the left-handed side of the twin mirror called Elizabeth!  I love pretending so much that I decided to get a degree in it.  I just got done with that game called “college” at the University of Iowa with a B.A. in Theatre Arts, emphasis in acting.  Since I love playing pretend so much, I decided that’s what I’m going to do when I grow up, especially if I can play pretend with other people who like playing pretend too.  I am honored to announce that I am the first recipient (and first-place winner!) of the Dan Velez Scholarship, which is a scholarship for actors who “Dream Big!” A few of my latest gigs I’ve enjoyed have been with Gina Rodriguez on Jane the Virgin, with Jake Johnson on New Girl, with Andrew Garfield on Under the Silver Lake, with Adam Sandler on his latest Netflix film, Sandy Wexler, being in the season finale of MTV’s Faking Itstarring in the music video Silk Duck // “Purple” with my sis, raising bullying awareness for middle and high schoolers in Iowa with the play Out Of Bounds, being the smartest chick on the planet in Bella Pontyon’s new work Speed of Light, and touring My Sister, a two-woman show written for Emily and I by Janet Schlapkohl that raises disability and human rights awareness, taking place in 1934 Berlin.  I play Matilde, a writer with Cerebral Palsy who has the wit and humor of a whip and a stechbecken!  For more info on that awesome project, (or to figure out what the heck a stechbecken is,) click on the “My Sister” page above!

So now after reading things you are uninterested in, here is the fun part: things I like to do besides acting because I have a life!  …Oh, wait, did you say acting is life?  DUH you’re right!  Anyway, I LOVE fudge that is made for me by my trail of admirers (make that my Auntie Terri), playing with puppies and acting like puppies, (oops acting), spending quality time with my top five favorite people – my family – and playing ukulele in my band with my main squeeze, Alex.  Oh!  And did I mention… coloring?


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