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Welcome Players in the Park!

Woah.. what is this “Players in the Park” you say? Here is the low-down:


WHAT: Continuing the legacy of Kate Marks’ workshop, filmmakers bring 10 pages from developing scripts for designated actors. Filmmaker/actor teams will journey off into the woods for a quick rehearsal. Then we will come back together for a reading, followed by a brief discussion. Filmmakers- this is your weekly benchmark for your writing as well as you opportunity to stage and direct. Actors- this is your time to test those instincts and work on your craft. 
WHEN: Sundays 1PM-4PM 
WHERE: Trails Cafe, Griffith Park
WHY: Writers need weekly deadlines. Actors needs informal opportunities to play. We all need to come together as a community!
HOW: I put out the call by e-mail once a week. You RSVP to the email we send you!
Sunday:  We make a scene! Be prepared to get dusty and move a little bit faster than your fear as we stage the scenes.
Playing in the Park is a community of filmmakers and actors who come together to create deadlines, collaborate, and shape their craft. on Sundays to train.The model is similar to one developed by Flux Theatre Ensemble.

I envision a space where the scripts are raw and messy (sometimes written the day before), the acting is fearless, the process is way too fast, and discoveries are made as artists get their work dirty.


What is the structure of the workshop?

Filmmakers arrive with ten pages from developing scripts.  Together with a team of actors, they journey off into the woods for a quick rehearsal.  Then we come back together for a staged reading, followed by a brief discussion.

What kinds of scenes do filmmakers workshop?

We workshop whatever is the most helpful for the development of the script.  I’m using the group as a weekly deadline in order to help me finish a rough draft.  Another filmmaker is staging the hardest scenes of her completed script.

How big is the commitment?

Artists make the commitment one workshop at a time.  I send out the invite and members RSVP based on their availability.

How does the casting work?

The group of actors varies from workshop to workshop. Choosing from who is available, we cast for the inner qualities of the characters as opposed to outward appearances. It is possible that a twenty-something woman could be cast as a fifty-something man.

Why are we meeting in Griffith Park?

Besides the obvious factor (it’s free), working in the park has a lot to teach us.  When I made the transition from theatre to film, one of the hardest things was leaving the safety of a rehearsal room and creating work in the chaos of a live location.  Playing In the Park gives us the chance to practice being creative in an environment where we don’t have full control.  Can you stay focused when a jogger runs though your scene?

What should I bring?

Water! It gets dusty and the line at Trail’s Cafe can be long on a Sunday.

You might want to bring a blanket to sit on.

Filmmakers, bring copies of your scenes for your actors.

What is the feedback process?

Adapting a discussion model called, See-Wonder-Think, we offer observational feedback.

How do I get involved?

This is a free workshop for members of the independent filmmaking community.

The workshop is open to actors with professional credits and filmmakers who have completed films.

E-mail us at to make a scene.

Read more info and FAQ’s on the originator, Kate Marks’ blog


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