Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler are identical twin sisters and actors. They are in SAG-AFTRA and are Los-Angeles based. They work separately, as well as together… to create awesome twin magic!

ManicEmilyandElizabethHinklerEmily and Elizabeth never grew out of playing pretend. Their first performance was in their living room acting out Pocahontas, and their love of acting has never stopped. Since then, they’ve worked with Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, Kevin James, Jennifer Hudson, Nick Swardson, Colin Quinn, Josh Hutcherson, and Haley Joel Osment in projects such as Sandy Welxer, Faking It, Future Man, as well as an upcoming movie with Tyler Perry.  Their HBO pilot MANIC, is in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival as well as the Nashville Film FestivalMy Sister, their two-woman play written for them by Janet Schlapkohl, was nominated for nine awards and won Best Acting and an Encore producer’s award at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival, whereupon it was picked up for a three-month run at the Odyssey Theatre and nominated for the Stage Raw Award for best two person play. Click here to read their feature in the LA Times.

FakingItWhen they’re not performing, they love to eat chocolate, make silly faces, hula hoop, pet puppies, take naps, and laugh. To get to know them individually (and learn the secret to telling them apart!!), click on their names above. To check out their latest work, visit the ‘Up Next’ tab.